Scientific Contributions


"A discrete choice experiment using a split sample methodology was employed to determine if residents of the Carlingford Lough catchment in Ireland prefer either type of infrastructure to reduce flood risk."

"Our approach aims to combine satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data to exceed their respective limitations...The experiment was conducted on the regional preserve of the Sougéal marsh, a wet grassland of 174 ha located upstream of the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay. "

"Developing a methodology to map the distribution of riparian forests to entire river networks and determining the main environmental factors controlling their spatial patterns."

"New satellite time-series at high temporal and spatial resolutions provide a promising opportunity to map and monitor wetlands."

"In this paper, we describe a series of five “Tier 1” ES models that users can run anywhere in the world with no user input, while offering the option to easily customize models with context-specific data and parameters."

"We discuss the first outcomes of an investigation in the conceptual and methodological aspects of semantic annotation of data and models, aimed to enable a high standard of interoperability of information."

CONFERENCES / Presentations

Emilien Alvarez-Vanhard, Lucie Lecoq, Thomas Houet, Thomas Corpetti, Cendrine Mony - University of Rennes I/CNRS

Ignacio Pérez-Silos, José Manuel Álvarez-Martínez, Jesús Casado, Ana Silió, Manuel del Jesús Peñil1 & José Barquín - IH CANTABRIA

JM Álvarez-Martínez, B Jiménez-Alfaro, Daniel San Martin, David López, A Silió, I Pérez-Silos1 and J Barquín - IH CANTABRIA